Free-To-Use Workflows

Test out our publicly available models running on ComputeX Architecture.

All models come with 1,000 free daily uses.

AI Image Enhancing

Leverage AI to enhance image quality and increase resolution.

Run Super Resolution
  • Increase image resolution
  • Sharpen blurry details
  • Video super resolution available on request

Stable Diffusion

Run the most cost effective Stable Diffusion, at scale

Run Stable Diffusion
  • Generate prompt based images via API
  • Embed into your application

Colorize Images

Use AI to add color to black-and-white images

Run Image Colorizer
  • Convert Black-and-white images to color
  • Embed into your application

Generate Text

Use prompts to generate text using GPT-2

Run Text Generation
  • Generate blog posts, essays, bio's and more
  • Lowest cost access to GPT-2 in the market

Detect Sentiment

Detect the sentiment behind a text

Run Sentiment Analysis
  • Gauge the sentiment behind customer feedback
  • Edit copy to improve the perceived sentiment